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Welcome to The Pillow Talk Cause

You can judge a cushion by it's cover

The Collection

The Pillow Talk Purpose

Pillow talk seeks to gather artists from across the world to design a cushion specifically intended

to reflect a cause it cares about. Cushions are often the centre piece of a room, and should be the

starting point of conversation. 

Each artist will produce a limited edition series of cushions, to be sold with a percentage

of the proceeds being donated to the cause it seeks to represent.

In this instance, artist Saliah Bryan aims to raise awareness of the current crisis

in Syria and offer her donation to Human Care Syria.


Ayn Al-Hasud, also known as 'The eye of envy' or the 'evil eye', is a popular item in households to protect you from bad omens. This particular cushion aims to protect those in the household, and to protect those who have survived the war-torn state. War is caused through evil intentions, and as a result, leaves destruction in all lives it affects, in the past, present and future.


La'aby means 'Toy' or 'Play' in Arabic. This particular cushion is dedicated to the children who have lost their parents, siblings or their own lives due to the war and destruction in Syria. It is a reminder of the positive memories a child should endure, and a dedication to the children of Syria's spirits, laughter and innocence.


This cushion is called 'Arabi'. A fun and expressive showcase of Arabic letters, numbers and diacritics. A reminder of the language and mother tongue, it's rhythm and it's power.


The literal meaning of tashkeel is 'forming'. the main purpose of tashkeel (and ḥarakāt) is to provide a phonetic guide or a phonetic aid; i.e. show the correct pronunciation. It is also a reminder of the those lost in the tragedy of the refugee crisis. Let their spirits live young forever and guide us to pronounce our future choices more wisely.

Our Supporters

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